Reviews: Top 5 Debt Settlement Companies In California

The following explains what “Debt Settlement” is and how it works. We offer our reviews of legitimate debt settlement companies that are licensed in California. This information is provided to help you find your best option for debt relief.

Deciding On A Debt Settlement Company 

When tension, created by debt, begins to build it can produce trouble in your life. It may have an effect on your overall wellness, from causing ulcers to anxiety attacks. It can have an unfavorable impact on your work. Missed days at work and decreased productivity increase over time for those who are experiencing emotional strain associated with debt.

Home life suffers as cash and debt are the chief sources of conflict for couples. Children are impacted by the tension as well, causing developmental issues. If your budget allows you to only make minimum payments that barely cover the interest, you could become a slave to interest rates for as much as 30 years. Outside of winning the lottery or seeing a dramatic increase in next month’s paycheck you are unlikely to be able to change the situation by yourself. However you’re not helpless, you have options.

What are your options when debt and interest payments are destroying your life? You really have many choices, and for individuals who are experiencing the hardships of debt related stress, ‘Debt Settlement’ may be the perfect solution to find relief from the problem of debt.

The goal of Debt settlement, also referred to as ‘Debt Negotiation’ or ‘Performance Based Debt Settlement’, is to settle your financial obligations with your lenders by establishing a hardship and agreeing to an alternative plan.

These arrangements are more effective if your debt is unsecured.

Arbitrators will be working with you and on your behalf. Calling your creditors, showing hardship, representing your interests and working to shield your rights. They have experience dealing with loan providers and can provide you with valuable information that can save you time and money. They will work with you the whole time, even if it is up to 4 years, so it is important to choose a Debt Settlement Company with a long track record. Be sure to ask any prospective debt negotiator how many years of experience they have.

They will help you establish a strategy and guide you through the settlement processes. Establish a savings account where an individual conserves or reserves money on a month-to-month basis and based on those funds, payments are executed.

It’s a good idea to figure out a budget and try to stay with it. Avoid using charge cards, which can only boost your debt. Securing loans to settle loans is reusing the same strategy that gets you deeper in debt so avoid the temptation to try and do this. The most important thing is you need to begin working to repay your debt right now. Your debt is not disappearing so the sooner you deal with it the sooner you will see relief.

Find out about all your choices and learn if you are qualified for performance based debt settlement. If you decide debt settlement is for you, you can get access to the best, most trusted debt mediators to represent you.


CuraDebt Rated #1

curadebtcup-newCuraDebt has distinguished itself as the number one Debt Relief Company, now in its 14th year providing clients with solutions to meet their financial goals. Their outstanding customer support and service is reflected by a multitude of Five Star reviews with testimonials in Customer Lobby! The counselors at CuraDebt are seasoned Read More….


National Debt Relief Rated #2

National Debt Relief is a New York based company specializing in debt settlement. While they have barely been in business for 4 years they have built a reputation for providing good service and so far have been able to avoid the pitfalls that befall other newly opened businesses. This is important because when you enter a debt settlement program that may take up to 4 years to complete Read More….


American Debt Enders Rated #3

American Debt Enders is a Consumer Credit Counseling Referral Company, a member in good standing of NETCHECK, with no complaints, operating in 46 states providing free credit counseling. They offer help with Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, Free Bankruptcy Counseling, Rapid Credit Restoration, also Consolidating Student Loan debt, and Pay Day Loan Debt Settlement. The initial consultations are always free. Read More….


Accredited Debt Relief Rated #4

Accredited Debt Relief is an easy choice to be on our catalog because of their demonstrated results, notable customer service and affordable costs. Accredited Debt Relief is a San Diego, California established business that provides solutions to clients nationwide. One of the things that impresses us about them is that Accredited Debt Relief can help you with a variety of programs for debt relief including debt settlement Read More….


Care One Credit Rated #5

Care One Credit is a Maryland based debt negotiation business that provides services in more than 41 states, so most potential customers are covered. Care One Credit has a solid reputation in the personal debt relief sector even after serving hundreds of clients to date. Care One Credit has an excellent client service department and arbitrators who were really knowledgeable and put in the time Read More….

Is Debt Settlement The Solution For You?

Are you at the brink of insolvency with an overwhelming amount of uncontrollable debt?  Is it weighing down on you and creating unbearable stress that is threatening your health and well being?  In a culture where “acquire now, pay later” is the standard, a lot of folks end up snarled in a tangled web of debt they just cannot pay back.  Unforeseen events can cripple even the most sound financial plan.

Debt settlement companies exist to help people like you. They will assist you while you navigate the treacherous course that leads from disabling debt to economic solvency. There are many debt settlement firms that make use of deceitful and rude methods that wind up injuring their customers, placing them deeper in the red and, generally, make a bad circumstance even worse.

Not all of the debt settlement services are frauds and phonies. In our evaluation the ideal debt relief services were: CuraDebt, National Debt Relief and American Debt Enders.

Understanding Debt Settlement

The goal of Debt Settlement is to reach agreed resolutions for the outstanding debts. It works the best when the debts are not secured by any real property.

Due to the fact that most individuals and small business owners do not have a lump sum to pay off debt, most settlement programs work where the individual saves or sets aside money on a monthly basis and based on those funds, negotiations are performed.

You will make your monthly payments into an alternate account as opposed to directly to your creditors. After a period of time, your Debt Settlement Company will negotiate on your behalf to lower the total amount of the settlement you owe. Typically, they can reduce the principal amount considerably, and you could be out of debt in no time. The main goal is to ensure that you do not have to file for bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement Solutions: What to Look For

Debt negotiation businesses differ extensively in what they offer and exactly how they deliver it. It pays to do your homework prior to choosing a company.


This is a no-brainer, why would anyone enter into a financial agreement, that could take up to 4 years to complete, with a company that has only been in business for 2 years?  Naturally you want to put your financial future in the hands of a business that has a record of success.  We put a lot of credence in debt settlement companies with more experience in the industry.

There are lots of firms that have actually have a track record for taking customers’ cash and not doing anything to fix personal debts. We looked for business that have an extensive history in providing solutions. These are companies you can rely on to settle your debt and do it using useful and reasonable techniques.


These are versatile businesses that provide an array of alternatives for solving financial obligations. Supplying insight and solutions for personal bankruptcy, handling debt and settling debt suggests a business can offer a reputable perspective on exactly what is ideal for you, not just what is ideal for their bottom line.


While everyone’s settlement plan is unique and tailored to their circumstances, we take into account the amount you are most likely to pay under your conditions.  Our recommendations favor companies who do not have advanced fees. We also place importance on not being charged any fees until debts are settled. The companies we recommend fall into those categories.

Satisfaction and Convenience

We search for and recommend companies who are experienced enough to guide you through any settlement process from beginning to end. They should be there to support you at every step, with reliable support teams who are experienced in the debt relief processes. You should be able to trust that the company is handling your account so you don’t have to be buried in a mountain of paperwork and procedures that can be confusing and time consuming.

Industry Affiliations

The ideal debt settlement firms have associations with industry leaders we can count on for fair representation. We hold credible firms that have actually been in business long enough to sufficiently acquire a record of trustworthiness.

Help And Support

An excellent debt settlement services ought to make the whole procedure as pain-free as possible with excellent customer support and warranties. Friendly and useful individuals need to be readily available to consumers by phone, email and/or chat.